Federal Government Bribes Employers to Hire Foreigners Instead of Americans

They do this to us with our own money:

The Department of Homeland Security is readying a plan to expand a program that pays U.S. employers to hire foreign STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math] students taught in America, a move that could end up punishing American college grads and even the elderly, according to an immigration think tank.

The idea is to make sure foreigners stay after entering the country on temporary visas, as part of the systematic displacement of the American population. That’s how the bureaurats in the Department of Homeland Security keep themselves occupied in Orwellian America. What did you think they were going to do, keep the homeland secure?

[T]he Center for Immigration Studies said it will punish American STEM students competing for those same jobs. And, they added, in adjusting how the foreign students are categorized as employees, they get out of paying payroll taxes used to help fund programs like Social Security and Medicare.

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That’s how seasoned citizens get screwed.

CIS said firms are paid up to $10,000 to participate. The new proposal, said CIS, is to add on another year and $2,000 in bonuses.

If you pay federal taxes, that money is stolen from you.

No wonder a majority of Americans with STEM degrees do not work in STEM fields, many of them no doubt waiting tables or collecting welfare instead, while politically favored foreigners get the jobs they trained for.

It could not be more obvious that we are ruled, not governed, by people who are hostile to our interests.

Jeh Johnson
DHS head Jeh Johnson represents the greatest threat to the homeland.

On a tip from R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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