Fish Wrap: Refugees Are A Total Boon For Europe

I would have ended that headline with “Or Something”, but I did that in the previous post. The NY Times Editorial Board does think all these refugees out of war-torn Syria are super awesome, though

Europe Should See Refugees as a Boon, Not a Burden

Many European leaders have described the refugees who are risking their lives to get to the Continent as a burden. But there is good reason to believe that these immigrants will contribute more to Europe economically than they will take from it.

Numerous studies have found that immigrants bolster growth by increasing the labor force and consumer demand. Rather than being a drain, immigrants generally pay more in taxes than they claim in government benefits. Even a large influx of immigrants does not mean fewer jobs for the existing population, since economies do not have a finite number of jobs. Immigrants often bring skills with them, and some start new businesses, creating jobs for others. The less skilled often take jobs that are hard to fill, like in child care, for example, which allows more parents to work.

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The problem here, being, of course, that these immigrants are not high skilled. They barely speak the language, if speak it at all. Their culture is completely different from that of these European countries. And there must be jobs available for them to work and pay taxes. The actual history of migrants invading Europe over the past few decades from the Middle East, southern Asia, and Northern Africa has shown that assimilation is virtually non-existent. Heck, quite a few of these groups have demanded that the European countries change to accommodate the both legal and illegal migrants. Witness the Rotherham child exploitation case. Witness the high levels of violence and arson in France. Witness these Islamists taking over sections of Sweden, creating “no-go” zones of Muslim gangs, along with places where Sharia law rules (the UK has seen much of the same). Witness politicians telling law enforcement and others to leave the groups alone as they create separation from the host country.

One has to wonder why these same refugees haven’t streamed in other Middle Eastern nations and Africa. Those countries don’t want them and refuse to take them, for the most part. Instead, they head to Europe. And, for all the Times’ equivocation regarding “immigration”, they fail to mention the possibility of tons of hardcore Islamists being part of the crowds, both those who simply practice and push the hardcore brand of Islam, and those who act in violent ways while practicing the hardcore version of Islam. How many jihadists are amongst the refugees?

Of course, the EB takes the opportunity to bash Republicans for daring to stand in the way of an invasion of low skilled workers who refuse to assimilate, and ends with

Advocating a pro-immigration position has become politically difficult in the West, in large part because opponents have successfully cast newcomers as economic and social burdens. Their false arguments damage economies and the lives of millions of people trying to escape war and poverty.

The EB is confusing legal and illegal immigration. There are more than enough studies showing that illegal aliens tend to be a drain on society, deflating wages, using up social services, causing problems in hospital ER rooms overrun with illegals, increased crime, and demands that the invaded country kowtow to their demands.

The comments at the editorial are very interesting. Here’s my favorite by MCS

Would the NYT Editorial Board take on hundreds of new unskilled, uneducated journalists, and pay them a weekly salary, until one may, with some will and a lot of luck become a real attribute o the newspaper? That’s precisely what it is lecturing the E.U to do at a time when Globalism has decimated many economies of democracies in the west, countries that barely know how to keep their own citizens working, much less take on more.

What say, Times?

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