For Once Obama May Not Have Been Lying

Maybe Chairman Zero wasn’t lying after all when he proclaimed that illegal aliens won’t be eligible for free medical care at our extravagant expense under socialized medicine:

It is true that both the House and Senate health care bills as they are now drafted would make illegal aliens ineligible for federally funded health care. But President Obama has stated as recently as last month at a press conference in Mexico that he will seek “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation that will put illegal aliens on a “pathway to citizenship.”

Viewed in combination, the president’s health care and immigration reform plans would in fact let people who are illegal immigrants in the United States today receive federally funded health care benefits when the plan comes on line. In his speech [Wednesday] night, the president said that the health insurance exchanges where people would buy federally subsidized insurance would not begin operating until four years from now. If Obama follows through on his agenda as planned, immigration reform will be enacted in the intervening time.

All he has to do is ram amnesty through Congress the way he rammed through the Porkulus outrage and Tax & Charade, and presto: no illegal aliens can collect ObamaCare, because no aliens are illegal. With the massive infusion of unrestrained immigration from the Third World that will follow, he might not even need ACORN’s help to keep Democrats in power.

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On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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