“Gang Rape” Struck From Newspeak Dictionary

Gang rape is such a crime against humanity that Scotland Yard has resolved to stamp it out — not the practice, but the term itself:

Politically correct Scotland Yard chiefs have stopped using the term ‘gang rape’ because it is too ’emotive’, the Mail can reveal.

Instead officers have been advised to use the long-winded phrase ‘multi-perpetrator rape’ when describing sex attacks involving three or more culprits. …

Some community activists had previously suggested the phrase ‘gang rape’ had racist connotations.

It’s nice to see that the bureauweenies running Scotland Yard have the backbone to do something about a problem that is getting completely out of hand:

Details of the latest police terminology are contained in an official Scotland Yard report which reveals a sharp increase in the number of gang rapes in the capital.

New figures revealed there were 93 gang sex attacks in the financial year 2008-9, compared with 71 in 2003-2004.

Meanwhile the age of victims has fallen with 64% aged 19 or younger in the last financial year compared with 48% in 1998-9.

Third World colonists are more likely to gang rape children than native Britons are. Therefore, the police are not allowed to say “gang rape.” Sterile, politically correct jargon takes all the horror out, so that the country’s moonbat rulers can focus on more serious crimes, like holding “racist” attitudes that stigmatize gang rapists.

On a tip from SK. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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