Gov. Brewer Says “Bring It On, President Unprecedented!”

Usually, hyper-partisan Chicago Way politicians like Obama and Eric Holder think they can get away with their intimidation tactics, but, not everyone backs down to the mafia

Bring it on.
That’s the attitude Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is taking toward the possibility that the Obama administration could file a legal challenge to her state’s immigration law.
“We’ll meet you in court,” she said in an interview Tuesday. “I have a pretty good record of winning in court.”
Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Department of Justice may challenge the law, which President Obama has called “misguided.” Brewer has staunchly defended the policy — which makes illegal immigration a state crime — and is expected to meet with the president Thursday, a White House official told

Perhaps it is a bit sexist, but, you go, girl! Interesting that Obama and his peeps have backed down and decided to meet with Gov. Brewer, after initially rejecting said meeting.

“This administration has dedicated unprecedented resources over the past 16 months to fulfill the federal government’s responsibility to secure the Southwest Border,” a White House official told Fox News. “The president looks forward to discussing those efforts and other matters of mutual interest with Governor Brewer.”

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It’s no wonder no name was cited. I wouldn’t want my name associated with such a blatant lie about “unprecedented resources,” either. I’d love to know what those resources actually are, other than a continuation of the same lame ones that have been going on.
Meanwhile, despite high crime, lower than California average wages, and, oh, yeah, an unemployment rate higher than California’s

Los Angeles County on Tuesday became the latest government body to boycott Arizona to protest the state’s tough new law targeting illegal immigration.

After a heated debate, the county’s board of supervisors voted 3-2 to ban new contracts with Arizona-based companies and review those that could be canceled. The county has more than $26 million in contracts with Arizona companies this year.

I triple dog dare y’all to cancel all the contracts right now (and they’ll see YOU in court), as well as refusing all power from Arizona companies. Step up, sparkys!

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