Hundreds of Deportable Criminal Aliens Released

As Janet Napolitano would say, the system is working — by releasing hundreds of criminal aliens onto our streets:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) failed to identify more than 800 criminal alien convicts eligible for deportation before they were released from U.S. prisons, including “many” of “the most egregious criminal aliens, who pose a significant pubic safety risk,” according to a report by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

According to the report, released on Feb. 4, ICE’s Criminal Alien Program, or CAP, “is responsible for identifying criminal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local prisons and jails who are eligible for removal from the United States.”

In fiscal year 2009, CAP failed to identify 890 criminal aliens eligible for removal from the United States, according to the report. These criminals had been incarcerated in facilities in Texas and California and were released back into U.S. society.

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A criminal alien eligible for removal is a person who is in the United States illegally and is subsequently convicted of a crime or was a legal permanent resident convicted of a removable offense, such as murder and other felonies.

It’s reassuring that even if sneaking into our country illegally is not grounds for removal, at least committing murder after you’ve done so technically is — provided ICE does its job.

“Many of the 890 criminals are believed to have been Level 1 recidivist criminals,” the report added. “Level 1 are the most egregious criminal aliens, who pose a significant pubic safety risk.” …

The audit blamed the “non-identification” of the 890 aliens specifically on ICE agent “staffing challenges” …

The main “staffing challenge” is that no agency is likely to be functional when those at the top of the bureaucratic pyramid have been selected by Comrade Obama, who obviously has no interest in keeping Democrat constituencies out of the country.

According to the report, ICE may have missed vetting some incarcerated criminal aliens eligible for removal because agents are not required to record aliens’ immigration status.

Without recording this information, ICE certainly won’t be deporting all deportable Reconquistadors. But then, with the border unsecured, they would just bounce back anyway. Because our rulers don’t want the border respected, the entire immigration bureaucracy is a sham, existing only so that the Obama Misadministration has a lame excuse to forbid states from enforcing the law.

Over they pour.

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