How Importing Vast Numbers of Potential Terrorists Fights Terrorism

How Importing Vast Numbers of Potential Terrorists Fights Terrorism

There is a line between totally full of baloney and psychopathologically delusional. Barking from atop the CNN soapbox, Robert Verkaik crosses it:

I believe that Germany’s open-door refugee policy will, in the long run, help protect Germans from terrorism.

Surely, he can back up this preposterous statement, or he wouldn’t have made it. No wait — he can’t:

Rather than focus on the imagined [!!!!] links between terrorism and immigration, we should look at the long-term benefits of pursuing a plan that is helping to build stronger multi-cultural communities that can fight extremism.

In Germany, this policy is already delivering results with vital intelligence being passed by resident Muslims to the country’s domestic security service, the BND.

Importing massive numbers of Muslims reduces Muslim terrorism because occasionally some of the Muslims rat each other out. Literally, that is his argument.

There is also evidence around the case of the Berlin market investigation that community informants have played their part in warning about the threat posed by prime suspect Anis Amri before the attack.

These community informants did not prevent 12 people from being killed and a German tradition from being fast-tracked for demise when Amri hijacked a truck and drove it through a Christmas market.

Leftists are not helping their cause by making outlandish assertions that insult our intelligence. We know that not all Muslims are terrorists, or even approve of terrorism. We also know that virtually all terrorism in the West is inflicted by Muslim foreigners, Muslim immigrants, the offspring of Muslim immigrants, or losers motivated by the malevolent ideology imported by Muslim immigrants. We know that unassimilable Muslim communities spawn terrorists and provide them with a base from which to operate.

Immigrants from anywhere can be a blessing if they arrive in numbers that can be assimilated. But importing vast hordes from the Islamic world that has been waging a terror war against Western Civilization is either treasonous or insane.

syrian refugees
Leaving the door open is not going to reduce terror, obviously.

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