Islamization, PEGIDA, and the Lügenpresse

The Islamization of Europe has inspired a new movement similar to the Tea Party in its sanity and wholesomeness — and in that it is hated by the leftist establishment, resulting in demonization by the media. If you want to know what is going on in Europe, do not rely on what Germans call the Lügenpresse. Reporting from Leipzig, Breitbart reveals what the establishment doesn’t want you to know:

Wednesday night saw a flare of violence and an accompanying police operation on a scale without precedent in recent German history. A group opposing militant Islam in Europe has called a demonstration, the city is deafened by political slogans played over loudspeakers, property is vandalised, and explosives are thrown at police in colossal running battles that involve thousands of people.

Wow, sounds like those right-wingers are really going berserk. But keep reading.

If you got your news from the mainstream media, what is increasingly known in Germany as the ‘liar press’ (Luegenpresse), the story might very well end there. Then again, the report might also throw in salacious details about the former leader of this movement and his colourful past, or the tragic death of an immigrant man who was killed shortly after a demonstration in Dresden last week.

There is no doubt about what these reports are meant to leave you thinking. Germans actually taking pride in their country, and very soon after in the neighbourhood a young Eritrean is murdered with no apparent motive? Must be a racist attack. This has been a large part of the German establishment’s haughty dismissal of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) group: that they are cold, angry racists with hatred in their hearts.

The fact that many of the supporters appear to be middle class, grandparents, or young couples doesn’t matter. As one government minister remarked, they are merely “Pinstripe Nazis”. Nor does it matter that as was revealed on Wednesday, 20-year old Eritrean Khaled Idris Bahray was actually killed by his flat mate, rather than a roving band of politically engaged Germans protesting against government policy.

Liberal establishment publications like The Guardian were making a big deal about Bahray’s killing. However…

Despite the fact police have now recovered the murder weapon, that Khaled’s former flat-mate, a fellow Eritrean has confessed to the crime, and “significant” amounts of drugs are said to be involved, the story has been dropped like a hot stone by the English-speaking media.

Correction: not “despite”; that should read “because.”

The fact is PEGIDA weren’t the ones throwing glass bottles and fireworks at Wednesday’s demonstration, it was the tens of thousands of left-wing counter-protesters who would stop at nothing to prevent the PEGIDA march from going ahead.

The activism by ironically self-proclaimed ‘anti fascists’ started well before the march was due to begin outside the Leipzig opera house. Appraised of the fact that train-loads of PEGIDA supporters would be coming from Dresden, the home of the movement where they had their own march banned by police, they deigned to prevent their arrival by setting fire to the railway between the two cities.

The dynamics will sound familiar to Americans. The liberal ruling class is methodically erasing German civilization by displacing the population with massive hordes of Third World welfare colonists. Those who object are relentlessly demonized in the press, and opposed at the street level by leftist thugs of the Occupy Wall Street/Black Lives Matter stripe.

The police are for the most part on the side of the good guys. But they have to take orders from the bad guys. Police confirmed that it was the “antifascists” (i.e., left-wing fascists) who threw all of the bottles and explosives.

The situation is not stable; nor do hardcore leftists like Obama and his European equivalents want stability. As we were reminded incessantly during the 2008 campaign, they want change. Change into what is something that even now most people must not realize or else they would rebel.

Kudos to PEGIDA for recognizing massive Islamic immigration into Europe as war of conquest by other means. This sign reads, “Nonviolent and united against religious war on German soil”:


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