John Kyl Is Telling The Truth. So That Leaves President Obama As The Obfuscator.

Here’s the audio from Naked Emperor:

Kerry Picket has the find and here’s the text:

We have a system that is unfair to a lot of people. What I’ve suggested is we have to concentrate on is: ‘How do we secure our borders? How do we track individuals coming into this country who may be engaged in terrorist activity? How do we then provide potential pathways for citizenship to those illegal immigrants who have shown themselves to be good citizens and have shown themselves to be committed to this country?’

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That’s going to be a difficult conversation to have and its going to have to be bipartisan for it to be effective. The trade off is going to have to be improved security of our borders at the same time allowing those who are already here to reach out for that American dream”

So that means that John Kyl is telling the truth, right?

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