LA Union Members Will Travel To Arizona To Protest

Hey, I’m just wondering: shouldn’t they kind be, you know, working on Thursday?

As a judge weighs whether to halt Arizona’s controversial immigration law, hundreds of Los Angeles union members and activists are planning a bus caravan to Phoenix on Thursday – the day the law is set to take effect.

More than 550 people plan to ride on 11 buses to Arizona to stage a protest and launch a partnership with Arizona groups to boost voter registration. During the one-day trip, sponsored by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, participants will meet with Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris, march to the state Capitol and hold a vigil. The participants represent 32 unions.

Since the participants include the SEIU, as Michelle Malkin points out, anyone want to lay a bet that violence ensues?

The caravan is just one of many activities planned Thursday. Immigration activists have declared it a “national day of action,” with events planned in several cities to protest implementation of the Arizona law. They include a march across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, a vigil outside a detention center in Georgia and a unity event in Chicago featuring faith, community and political leaders, along with 200 children. Chicago leaders also plan to deliver 2,000 letters to Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts asking him to move the baseball team’s spring training from Arizona to Florida.

Maybe they should all get to work, instead. On the other hand, they all typically disappear in the afternoon, right before the second shift at fast food restaurants.

I find it highly interesting that the union fools are going to spend time trying to register voters. Rather exposes the true agenda of these open-borders pro-illegals people: they figure if they register enough people (how many will be registered illegally?) they will dominate elections. Rule of law? Scr*w the rule of law. Kinda like the way their elected officials in the Democrat party act.

Meanwhile, isn’t it utterly fantastic that these union hacks will be blowing off their tax-payer funded government jobs on Thursday?

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