Local Politician Buses “Refugees” to Merkel

The best idea would be to never let them into the country in the first place. Second best would be to deport them immediately. Third best: pack them on buses and deliver them to Merkel.

A group of 51 asylum seekers housed in the Bavarian district of Landshut were being sent to Berlin to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the district office said on Thursday. …

The refugees being taken to Berlin were living in state shelters because they would otherwise be homeless in Landshut, where renting out a flat is very expensive, the district office said in a statement. …

[Landhut’s chief administrator Peter] Dreier justified his step saying Germany’s refugee policy would have to change and things could not go on as they were until now. He said he was going to Berlin with the refugees to personally register his protest with the chancellor.

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The New Year’s Eve blitzkrieg of sexual assaults on German women by Muslim “refugees” was the last straw. Germans have had it.

For Americans, Kate Steinle was the last straw. We ought to start rounding up the tens of millions of illegal aliens the federal government lured into the country with promises of generous welfare benefits and bus them all to the Beltway.

Mommy Traitor can expect to receive a dose of her own medicine.

On tips from Torcer and Steve A. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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