Los Angeles Follows Maywood Into Anarchy

Maywood, California has fallen to the Reconquista, having a 96% Hispanic population, largely consisting of illegal aliens. Consequently, it disbanded the police department’s traffic division, lest it inconvenience illegal aliens who characteristically drive without licenses, often blind drunk. Then it took the next step by disbanding the police department altogether. Los Angeles has also fallen to the Reconquista, having elected as mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of the radical anti-American outfit MEChA. With that background, this should come as no surprise:

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced Monday that his officers will no longer automatically tow the cars of illegal immigrant drivers stopped at sobriety checkpoints.

The policy comes in response to the concerns of Latino civil rights activists, who say impound fees are unfairly costing otherwise hardworking illegal immigrant drivers hundreds of dollars.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said his department impounds about 1,000 cars a year from illegal immigrants at sobriety checkpoints — not because they’re drunk but because they don’t have driver’s licenses.

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However, they often are drunk, as anyone who dares go out on the road in an area infested with illegals can attest.

“As we reviewed our impound policies it became obvious to me that they had disparate impact on individuals based on something that was entirely out of their control,” Beck said.

If breaking the law by being in our country illegally is “entirely out of their control,” and breaking the law by driving without a license is also “entirely out of their control,” then what crime would they be capable of refraining from committing? When will the privileged special interest groups favored by our liberal rulers ever be expected to take responsibility for their behavior?

The answer: never, so long as they are serving a useful purpose, as illegal aliens do by turning the Southwest welfare-dependent and blue.

Under the new policy, officers will give unlicensed illegal immigrants “reasonable time” to find someone else to drive their cars home.

Where they will surely never take them out on the road again. Liberalism has reduced Los Angeles to anarchy.

maywood mexican flag
The US Post Office in Maywood, California.

On a tip from Born in 76. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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