Mexican Government Helps Illegal Colonists Get Free Healthcare at Our Expense

Mexico’s government may be corrupt and ineffective at controlling drug violence, but unlike ours it looks out for the best interests of its people. For example, it helps its illegal colonists to take advantage of free healthcare on our side of the border:

Mexico’s government operates programs in about a dozen American cities that refers its nationals — living in the U.S. illegally — to publicly funded health centers where they can get free medical care without being turned over to immigration authorities.

The program is called Ventanillas de Salud (Health Windows) in Spanish and its mission is to help illegal immigrants find U.S. hospitals, clinics and other government programs where they can get free services without being deported for violating federal immigration laws.

No need to worry about rising medical costs. Gringo taxpayers pick up the tab.

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In Los Angeles County alone, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers nearly $440 million in health services annually and a whopping $1.1 billion statewide.

Unlike Mexicans, we have no government to represent us, but only a gang of lunatic ideologues hostile to our interests. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, is an actual former leader for MEChA, a cult of anti-American maniacs devoted to driving all non-Mexicans out of the Southwest. He isn’t going to take our side against his fellow Mexicans; if he were likely to, his constituency of La La Land liberals and welfare-wallowing Reconquistadors wouldn’t have elected him.

Largely as a result of this insanity, California is going broke. But that’s no problem, because under liberalism, people don’t pay their own bills. Federal taxpayers will bail out California. The gravy train will keep rolling until they bankrupt Texas — and since it isn’t run by liberals, that goose will keep laying golden eggs for awhile.

Hopefully their free healthcare includes tattoo removal, in the unlikely event they want to look for jobs.

On a tip from Bill T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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