Mexican President Calls USA “The Other Mexico”

According to a recent poll, one in three of the Mexicans who still live in Mexico would come to the USA. Given that it is our government’s policy to leave the border undefended and even to lure invaders into the country with promises of lavish welfare benefits, it won’t be long before they make the trip north. No wonder Mexico’s president arrogantly refers to our country as “the other Mexico”:

Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto called on other states to “evolve” like California so the United States can be more like his home country.

Not to worry, Señor Presidente. If current trends continue, you will get your way, complete with the poverty, corruption, crime, et cetera.

Appearing with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and California Governor Jerry Brown in Los Angeles, Peña Nieto called for amnesty legislation and more open borders while blasting governors who have taken a tough stance on illegal immigration.

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How the borders could be any more open than they are now would be difficult to imagine. Already we have mariachi bands crossing the Rio Grande on elephants without arousing attention. Does he want our government to fly Third Worlders directly from their own countries into gringo welfare utopia at US taxpayer expense? The Obama Regime already thought of that.

“This is the other Mexico,” Peña Nieto reportedly said of the United States, which is [home] to an estimated 11 million Mexican immigrants, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The correct term is not immigrants, but irredentists, as Peña Nieto confirms by calling this “the other Mexico.” As we are constantly reminded, the Southwest was once part of Mexico. What we are not reminded of is that at the time Texas became independent, Americans outnumbered Mexicans in the region 10 to 1. Now that the land has been settled and developed by Americans, they want it back.

Although America evokes a great deal of contempt from hostile foreign leaders these days, at least Peña Nieto likes Jerry Brown:

Brown has already given illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, made California a sanctuary state, and signed the California DREAM Act. Peña Nieto thanked Brown for his generosity toward illegal immigrants and called on other governors to follow suit, chastising those who are against open borders as unethical.

Imagine if California had been ruled by treasonous quislings like Brown during World War II, and had welcomed in a massive Japanese invasion. We might have heard the same rhetoric from Hirohito.

But that wouldn’t have been nearly as bad.

There are already 33.7 people of Mexican origin in the USA; most have not assimilated and at this point probably never will. Imperial Japan didn’t have the sheer numbers to permanently displace us from large parts of our country; Mexico does.

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