Mexico Cracks Down on Illegal Aliens From North of the Border

Maybe there is a silver lining to our quisling rulers converting America into a second Mexico; once they have finished, we might start taking our borders seriously, like Mexicans do:

Mexico is cracking down on undocumented boaters from America who enter its territorial waters.

Without a fence to mark the international boundary, crossing by boat from San Diego into Mexico might seem deceptively easy. But San Diego sport fishermen and others drawn to the waters off Baja California should take heed: Mexico’s federal government has been stepping up inspections, checking for passports, tourist permits, fishing permits and other documents.

Until now, violators have been issued warnings and told to turn around. But this week, the Mexican government announced its intention to crack down on violators. That could mean boats being towed to Ensenada for an administrative process and immediate deportation of the crew and passengers.

Isn’t this cruel? Don’t you think this could separate families? Instead of persecuting these poor fishermen, shouldn’t Mexico be trying to bring them out of the shadows? Isn’t it racist to exclude Americans? Don’t you think that if these boaters pay a fine, they should be allowed to proceed without being deported?

More questions:

Do you think a Mexican judge will overturn this policy and require seized boats to be released? Do you think the Mexican president will act on his own, without the legislature, to legalize the presence of American fishermen, given his approval of President Obama’s similar moves?

Meanwhile, an estimated one quarter of the Mexican population already lives in the USA, and the rest are close behind.

Mexicans themselves would never stand for it.

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