Mexico Files Brief Against Alabama Illegal Alien Law

Mexico, along with 16 other countries, has decided to meddle into US affairs

In an effort to ensure their citizens are treated fairly in Alabama, 16 nations, including Mexico, filed briefs against the state’s controversial new immigration law that has already drawn fire from the U.S. Department of Justice.

So, Mexico and the other 16 nations are admitting that their citizens are present in Alabama in violation of Unites States law? Which means that we should listen to Mexico and find all their citizens and send them on back.

Edward Still, a Birmingham attorney who filed the brief, told The Montgomery Advertiser that the nations “want to have one immigration law and not 50.”

“Mexico has an interest in protecting its citizens and ensuring that their ethnicity is not used as basis for state-sanctioned acts of bias and discrimination,” the brief said, according to the paper.

And Alabama has an interest in protecting its citizens and ensuring that illegals are not around, taking Alabama citizens’ jobs, stealing their identities, stealing their property, assaulting them, raping them, killing them.

The Justice Department argues that the states are overstepping their authority by wading into something that is a strictly federal responsibility: immigration enforcement.

Which, in an of itself, is an idiotic argument: should state, local, and county police ignore lawbreakers if they are only breaking federal laws? But, then, the Politicized Obama DoJ doesn’t want to argue that they hate the law because these could be future Democrat voters if they could just ram through some amnesty programs.

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