Moonbat Conception of Border Fence

Moonbats will never run short of goofy ways to waste your money. Berkeley Assistant Professor of Architecture Ron Rael doesn’t like the partial wall that temporarily inconveniences some of the Third World hordes pouring over our southern border like a scene from The Camp of the Saints. He would probably prefer to tear it down altogether, but as a second choice, he would turn it into a 700-mile slice of moonbat utopia:

[Rael] has re-envisioned the wall as something like a town center, complete with infrastructure, social services, and recreational facilities. Among the stations he envisions along the wall are a volleyball court, a confessional, a lending library, a water catchment system, a wastewater treatment plant, a solar farm, and even a “burrito wall” featuring “a food cart inserted into the wall, allowing people from each side of the border to share a meal, chat and conduct business, all within full view of security.” …

“Border Wall as Infrastructure” a proposal by Rael and a partner, Virginia San Fratello, was a finalist in the 2010 Working Public Architecture 2.0 Competition organized by UCLA’s cityLAB.

Since the US government is going bankrupt, maybe he’d like to pay for it by taking up a collection in the faculty lounge. What am I saying? We can just borrow some more from the ChiComs.

Here’s a better plan: replace it with a minefield.

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