Muslim Immigrants Are Importing More Than Terrorism

In addition to bringing in terrorism and a permanent unassimilable underclass, Muslims are also enriching the vibrant multicultural tapestry of Europe with deadly disease:

World Health Organisation director for Europe Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab said: “Despite all the efforts to fight HIV, this year the European Region has reached over 142,000 new HIV infections, the highest number ever… this is a serious concern”.

In a remarkable admission, the director named migrants travelling across Europe as being a particular risk for spreading HIV in the continent, reports The Independent. …

A third of all new HIV diagnoses in Europe are to migrants and non-native Europeans, despite [non-Europeans] only accounting for a fraction of the population.

WHO being part of the United Nations, which in turn is part of the left-liberal establishment, Jakab naturally offers socialism as the solution to the problem that government has caused by allowing in the “refugees”:

To help limit the spread of the potentially fatal virus, Dr. Jakab called on European nations to offer free HIV treatment to all, regardless of their origin and nationality. [She] said: “This is also the safest way to protect the resident population from HIV infection”.

Wrong. The safest way to protect the resident population is to keep Third World invaders out.

Islam isn’t the only disease they carry.

On a tip from R F. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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