New Prime Minister Tony Abbott Could Save Australia

This could be the moment when the rising tide of moonbattery begins to recede. Hats off to Australia for putting Tony Abbott in a position to fight back on behalf of Western Civilization, as he has made clear he will do from the beginning:

Prime minister-elect Tony Abbott plans to hit the ground running on Wednesday afternoon, issuing orders to scrap the carbon tax, stop the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from writing business, and cease granting permanent protection visas to asylum seekers found to be refugees who had arrived by boat.

Dubbing it his first ”’action day”, Mr Abbott said he would take the initial steps to get Coalition election policies in train ”as soon as I return from Parliament House from the swearing in ceremony”. …

”As soon as I return to Parliament House from the swearing-in ceremony, I will instruct the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to prepare the carbon tax repeal legislation.” He said this would immediately lift the pressure off households and businesses and would save the average family ”more than $550 a year from 2014-15”.

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He also pledged to start the process to scrap the CEFC. ”The treasurer, Joe Hockey, will instruct the Clean Energy Finance Corporation board to suspend its operations and cease making payments and [he] has instructed the Treasury to prepare legislation to permanently shut down the corporation.”

Here’s the really bad news for Labor, which failed to import enough Muslim welfare colonists in time to prevent Abbott’s rise:

Wednesday also marks the beginning of Mr Abbott’s new border protection regime under the banner of Operation Sovereign Borders. ”From today the Immigration Department will immediately cease granting permanent protection visas to illegal boat arrivals and will start the process of reintroducing temporary protection visas which will deny permanent residency to those who have already arrived illegally by boat.

”We will deliver results for the Australian people from day one and live up to our pledge to have a safe, secure Australia and a strong, prosperous economy.”

Abbott means business. The situation is improving already:

Defence Force chief General David Hurley has promoted Major General Angus Campbell to the rank of a three-star officer so the experienced soldier can begin serving today as the commander of Tony Abbott’s new border protection task force. …

Lieutenant General Campbell later held his first meeting with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison as commander of the Joint Agency Task Force for Operation Sovereign Borders – the Abbott government’s new border protection policy designed to stop the flow of asylum-seeker boats.

Lieutenant General Campbell is one of Australia’s most experienced soldiers with a strong special forces background.

General Campbell appears to be an ass-kicker along the lines of George Patton. His promotion indicates that finally someone in authority will side with his own country to defend it from the existential threat posed by massive Third World immigration.

Also, the lunatic moonbat and absurdly overpaid Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery has been sacked, and his Climate Commission dismantled.

Critics have responded by grousing that Abbott doesn’t have enough women in his cabinet. If that’s all they’ve got, he should continue to whip the moonbats for many elections to come.

Abbott with esteemed countermoonbats Mark Steyn and Daniel Hannan.

On tips from Andrew in Australia. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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