New Wave of Illegals on the Way as Drug Lords Take Over Whole Towns Near Unguarded Border

It looks like Comrade Obama will soon have a whole lot more illegal aliens to transform into welfare-dependent Democrat voters with the upcoming amnesty push.

Members of a drug cartel apparently intent on controlling a Mexican border town are threatening to kill residents or torch their homes, forcing some of the residents to flee into Texas to seek asylum, according to law enforcement authorities.

Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West said the residents have been told “to vacate or they’re going to start killing them and burning their houses down.”

Residents from El Porvenir have been arriving at the U.S. port of entry at Fort Hancock, along a desolate stretch of the border about 50 miles southeast of El Paso, over the past week and a half, authorities say. West said more than 30 have requested political asylum.

Most won’t bother with political asylum. Our rulers are about to wave a wand and make them all into American citizens anyway.

Soon the drug lords will be demanding that everyone vacate El Paso. But by then El Paso will have finished its transformation into a Mexican barrio, so the media will have an excuse not to pay much attention.

The federal government could start attending to its most fundamental responsibility by defending the border from invasion. But our Homeland Security chief can’t see any point. After all, if you build a 50-foot wall, they’ll bring an 51-foot ladder. Besides, it better suits the liberal agenda to crack down on conservatives instead.

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