Obama Is Back On The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bandwagon

Having solved all the other problems the nation faces, it’s apparently time to push shamnesty again. And he wants a civil debate

President Obama is going to Texas on Tuesday to give an immigration speech in El Paso before raising money for his reelection in Austin. After he speaks at two Democratic National Committee events in Austin, one of which is open to just a print pool reporter, Obama will fly back to Washington, arriving early Wednesday morning.

“In recent weeks the President has met with and heard from leaders and stakeholders from diverse sectors including faith, business, law enforcement officials, current and former elected officials and others about the need to fix the broken immigration system, and why it matters to the American economy and will allow us to better use our national security and law enforcement resources,” the White House said in a statement sent to reporters under the condition that it be withheld until 6 a.m. “The President wants to have a civil and constructive debate on this issue.”.

In other words, if you oppose giving illegal aliens a pathway to citizenship, you’re a big meanie and a raaaaacist. Furthermore, in another Politico article which features a picture that attempts to make it look like Obama is holding winged angels

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President Barack Obama heads to Texas Tuesday toting a pledge to jump-start work on a comprehensive immigration bill – a long-awaited, never-attained goal of a Hispanic community that is crucial to Obama’s hopes of winning key southwestern states in 2012.

Are they cheering his newfound commitment to the goal? Hardly.

Many top Hispanic activists say Obama’s commitment to a bill is welcomed, but too little, too late, and they’d rather he put just as much effort into actions he can do with the stroke of his pen – such as slowing the deportations of certain illegal immigrants.

“We all understand the importance of the legislative process and that we need a bipartisan bill in the long run, but that will take a long time and given the gridlock in Washington, has an uncertain payoff,” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) said Monday. “Immigrant communities need help now, our system is broken now, and the president can do something about it now.”

Are you really surprised that illegal immigrant advocates, including a sitting US Congressman, are pushing an end run around the legislative body, the one that is supposed to make laws? Illegals have little to no respect for US laws to start with. Same with Gutierrez.

Essentially, this little speech, given in the disputed border town of Chamizal, allows Obama to pretend this trip is United States’ business, so he can use Air Force 1 and not pay for it, rather than what it really is: a purely campaign one.

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