Obama Looks To Shift Border Surge Blame To GOP

Everyone should have seen this coming, as Obama is Blaming Republicans for the results of Obama’s foolish, to put it mildly, border/immigration policies

(WRAL) Faced with a potentially awkward scene at the Texas-Mexico border, President Barack Obama sought to recast the political debate over a flood of young migrants as a question of Republican willingness to tackle the problem, not his decision to skip a chance to view the crisis first-hand.

Obama turned to one of his chief critics, Texas’ Republican Gov. Rick Perry, to try to make his point.

Following a meeting with Perry in Dallas Wednesday, the president suggested there was little daylight between Perry’s calls for additional assistance at the border and the nearly $4 billion request Obama sent to Congress this week. He also made a public appeal for Perry, a potential GOP presidential candidate in 2016, to wield his influence with Texas’ Republican-heavy congressional delegation and press them to back the emergency spending package.

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“The only question at this point is why wouldn’t the Texas delegation or any of the other Republicans who are concerned about this not want to put this on a fast track and get this on my desk so I can sign it and we can start getting to work?” Obama said. He argued that opposition to the urgent spending request would be part of a pattern of obstructionism from Republicans who have also resisted moving forward on a comprehensive immigration bill.

The problem is that there is little detail in how Obama plans to use the requested money, something that Senators like Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have pointed out. Furthermore, how can they trust Obama due to his conduct so far? They can’t. This “humanitarian crisis” is solely the responsibility of Mr. Obama. A good chunk of the children have disappeared into the country, as they failed to appear in court.

But the border crisis has given Republicans fresh fodder to challenge that approach. GOP lawmakers have blamed Obama’s 2012 decision to defer deportations for some young people in the U.S. illegally for fueling rumors in Central America that unaccompanied minors who arrive at the border would be allowed to stay.

Obama forgets that Republicans were elected, also, and represent citizens who are against Obama’s illegal immigration plans.

“I’m not interested in photo ops,” Obama said Wednesday. “I’m interested in solving a problem.”


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As for solving a problem, he won’t even visit the border, and we can all see that this is going to shape up the same way most do: Obama shifting to campaign mode, Blaming, Smearing, Insulting, and going all Stompy Foot because he can’t get his way. If Obama’s willing to play this game simply over his unwillingness to visit the border, he can’t be trusted to deal with the big issues.

One Representative has called Obama aloof and detached, stating that it is bizarre the way Obama is handling this. That same rep, Democrat Henry Cueller (Tx), has claimed that the White House called and told him to stop criticizing President Thin Skin.

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