Policewoman and Captain Publicly Beaten in Paris Suburb

Policewoman and Captain Publicly Beaten in Paris Suburb

A marvelously multicultural new year has dawned in France:

Horrifying video footage has emerged of a female police officer and her boss [a captain] being beaten in a Paris suburb.

In France, the inner city is put outside the city. Paris suburbs consist largely of housing projects populated by unemployed welfare colonists from the Third World.

The two officers arrived at a house in Champigny following reports of widespread disorder outside the address, where a New Year’s party was taking place.

Evidently the address is in a no-go zone. Savages fell upon the police.

The thugs filmed themselves stamping on the woman, who tried to cover herself as she is relentlessly beaten.

Both officers were left with concussions but not life-threatening injuries — although the damage to France’s pride may prove to be terminal.

The attackers ran into a nearby housing estate [i.e., housing project] after destroying the patrol car, which was turned upside down and left in ruins.

The last time the Paris area fell under the occupation of a brutal foreign force, the Anglosphere stepped in to liberate. This time, France is on its own.

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