President Trump: ‘It’s Time For Congress To Adopt Pro-American Immigration Agenda’

President Trump: ‘It’s Time For Congress To Adopt Pro-American Immigration Agenda’

President Trump is saying that it is “time for Congress to adopt a pro-American immigration reform” that ends the mass immigration of foreign relatives of newly arrived immigrants in the United States. It’s called ‘chain migration’ and I’m all for ending it. At Trump’s rally in Pensacola, Florida last night, he ripped into the process whereby foreign relatives enter the US, merely because they have family here. The centerpiece of his point was the Islamic terrorist that slaughtered eight people in New York City. Sayfullo Saipov, who is an Uzbeck national and came here through Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa Lottery. Once he became a naturalized American citizen, he was able to bring over his family.

Trump stated last night, “People come in and they’re not necessarily good. Like the man that ran over — the animal– that ran over many people in New York City the other day, you saw that two months ago. He runs over people, goes on a beautiful, I know it so well, the West-Side Highway, I know it so well, so beautiful. People running, jogging trying to get in-shape. He killed many people, ran them over. Chain migration. According to chain migration, he may have as many as 22 to 24 people that came in with him. His grandfather, his grandmother, his mother, his father, his brother, his sisters. We have to end chain migration. We have to end chain migration.”

Trump is telling Congress they need to get their act together and adopt an immigration agenda that puts Americans first, rather than the interests of foreign nationals. He said, “It’s time for Congress to adopt a pro-American immigration agenda. Every member of Congress should be asked where they stand on these issues.” Trump has been very clear on what he expects from the GOP-led Congress on this and Americans are demanding the same things:

  • Block funds to sanctuary cities which give safe haven to criminal illegal aliens – start with cities such as San Francisco, Chicago and New York.
  • Pass Kate’s Law which would put harsher sentences on repeat-criminal illegal aliens – both Bill O’Reilly and Ted Cruz have championed this law and it is languishing in the Senate.
  • Increase the number of federal immigration agents and Border Patrol officers and arm them.
  • Ensure that new immigrants arriving in the US are economically self-sufficient and are not subsisting on government freebies.
  • End chain migration – come in the legal and right way or not at all.

The numbers are stunning – approximately 9.3 million foreign nationals have come into the US as chain migrants between 2005 and 2016 thanks to the open border policies of both Bush and Obama. During that same period of time, 13.06 million foreign nationals have entered the US through the legal immigration system. Seven out of ten new arrivals are family connected. Chain migration is the largest driver of immigration in the US. It accounts for over 70 percent of it.

We should be admitting immigrants on a basis of what they can do for our nation. That’s how Canada and Australia do it. Only one in 15 foreign nationals is admitted based on their skill sets and employment. Roughly 150,000 employment-based Green Cards are allotted every year and half of those Green Cards actually go to the foreign relatives of employees.

Those coming over from Mexico bring an average of six relatives with them. They outpace everyone else in chain migration. Talk about a coup from within. And I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that both establishment Republicans and Democrats want Amnesty and DACA to be passed before the end of the year. Hopefully, Trump and the more conservative Republicans won’t let that happen.

It looks like Trump will make a deal though… the current plan that the White House has reportedly endorsed is one where 800,000 illegal aliens are given Amnesty to remain in the US. At the same time, chain migration is ended, reducing legal immigration levels to about 500,000 new immigrants a year, rather than the current annual flow of more than 1 million immigrants a year. It’s not perfect, but it’s a better deal than we have now.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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