Purple Shirted Nutters Protest At Dodgers Stadium

I came in a somewhat hidden, and virtually unmarked, back entrance into Dodgers Stadium last night, so, I missed the protest outside the stadium. Looks like the purple shirted SEIU haters of law and order were there leading the charge

A mushrooming group of protesters against Arizona’s immigration law grew to a few hundred at the entrance to Dodger Stadium on Monday evening as the L.A. team prepared to play the Diamondbacks.

Shouting “Boycott Arizona!” and carrying placards reading “Boycott Arizona Diamondbacks,” among other slogans, the protesters sought to gain the attention of fans driving into the stadium to watch a three-game series opener against the Arizona team.

Swelling the ranks of protesters were more than 100 members of the Service Employees International Union.

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“The Dodgers have the largest Latino fan base in the league,” said Mike Garcia, president of the SEIU United Service Workers West. “We have historically supported them since their move here in 1958. Now we are asking them to take a stand for us — take a stand against this mean-spirited legislation.”

It’s not about Latino’s, it is about illegal immigrants. And, California’s laws virtually mirror Arizona’s (btw, I have always been a Dodgers fan, though this was my first trip to LA to see a game, and the stadium has always included quite a bit of Hispanic music, at least since they did away with most of the organ music). But, hey, never let it be said that Obama’s base support groups are for law and order.

SEIU spokeswoman Hilda Delgado said the union had bought about 100 seats in the bleachers and planned to turn their backs when the first pitch went out and urged fans to do the same.]

I was looking around right before the first pitch, and never saw them turn their backs. They were as far out towards left-center field and as high up in the bleachers as one can get. I did see them holding the signs up, though, late in the 4 or 5, if memory serves

Once the game began, about a dozen protesters in the left field pavilion unfurled a banner that read “Don’t Play With Hate.” Security guards quickly escorted them out of the pavilion.

Security responded because there was some sort of scuffle going on. Shocking, SEIU folks involved in violence.

KCBS has non-embeddable video at that last link.

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