Quislings Sacrifice Arizona to Goal of One-Party Rule

Arizona’s measured attempt to defend itself from foreign invasion was gutted yesterday by Clinton-appointed apparatchik Susan Bolton, using legal “reasoning” that was probably not even intended to be taken seriously. A state that is facing economic collapse due to Mexican colonization is officially not permitted to enforce immigration law. We are moving into the end game now — the point where America’s collectivist enemies dismantle the country.

Imagine an electoral map with the entire Southwest turned from mostly red to deep blue, inhabited predominantly by unskilled Third World peasants on welfare. The people running our government have imagined it. They know what it will mean: one-party socialist rule.

Our country will either rot to death or be torn apart in civil war, but that’s a price the Left is more than willing to pay to consolidate power.

Anyone who has spent time around liberals knows how much they hate America. Unsurprisingly, now that they have their boot on the neck of the world’s Last Best Hope, they are stomping down with all their might.

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It would be better to see Chinese tanks rolling down Phoenix’s Central Avenue than to be ruled by the socialist quislings who control the federal government and our courts. At least then everyone would understand that America is under enemy occupation and cannot let it continue.

Reagan said that freedom was never more than a single generation removed from extinction. If we don’t start fighting like wild, we will be the generation that lets the torch go out.

On behalf of our liberal ruling class, Susan Bolton slits Arizona’s throat.

Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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