Say, What’s The Real Goal Of Trump’s Immigration Orders?

Say, What’s The Real Goal Of Trump’s Immigration Orders?


The Los Angeles Times takes a shot at providing the answer, and you’ll be shocked

The real goal of Trump’s executive orders: Reduce the number of immigrants in the U.S.

Shocking! Reducing the number of immigrants!

Behind President Trump’s efforts to step up deportations and block travel from seven mostly Muslim countries lies a goal that reaches far beyond any immediate terrorism threat: a desire to reshape American demographics for the long term and keep out people who Trump and senior aides believe will not assimilate.

In pursuit of that goal, Trump in his first weeks in office has launched the most dramatic effort in decades to reduce the country’s foreign-born population and set in motion what could become a generational shift in the ethnic makeup of the U.S.

Trump and top aides have become increasingly public about their underlying pursuit, pointing to Europe as an example of what they believe is a dangerous path that Western nations have taken. Trump believes European governments have foolishly allowed Muslims with extreme views to settle in their countries, sowing seeds for unrest and recruitment by terrorist groups.

Even though the LA Times is projecting, well, guessing, it’s a good guess. Why would we want to allow in people who do not assimilate, and, in actuality, bring their 3rd world extremist beliefs and implement them in our nations, as we have seen again and again in Europe? Muslim nations do not want these extremists: why would we?

Two days after Trump imposed the ban, a senior administration official told reporters at the White House that the order was part of a larger strategy to develop an immigration system that selects immigrants the White House believes will make “positive contributions” to the country.

Sounds like a wise idea.

That change has alarmed right-wing nationalists like Miller and Bannon, who see Trump’s administration as an opportunity to change those migration trends for decades to come.

The two men see the country’s long-term security and wage growth entwined with reducing the number of foreign-born people allowed to visit, immigrate and work in the U.S.

Other nations do exactly the same, such as Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Why shouldn’t the United States be allowed to control those who come in while picking and choosing those who will make our country better?

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