Her Son Was KILLED By Drunk Driving Immigrant, Now She Reveals What Trump Did About It In Secret!

Immigration has become an emotional issue for millions of Americans, and the political class in both parties has shown itself completely tone-deaf to the concerns of regular citizens. When those citizens happen to have lost family or friends at the hands of illegal immigrants, what’s already a burning issue becomes radioactive.

The following is an example of the power of what Donald Trump has tapped into with this issue.

Maureen Maloney’s son, Matthew Denice, was killed by a drunk driver in Milford, Massachusetts, in 2011. His motorcycle was struck by a pick-up truck, after which Denice was caught against the truck’s wheel well and dragged for 1/4 mile. He was alive most of that time.

Maloney still grieves the loss of her son, but what she says is even worse is the number of politicians who seek to compound the problem that led to Matthew’s death: illegal immigration.

The driver who struck Matthew, Nicolas Guaman, was in the United States illegally.

The politics of the Matthew Denice tragedy get hotter and hotter as the grieving mother looks for answers in the GOP primary.

“Rubio is betraying us, absolutely. I don’t trust him. I have no use for [Rubio], he was part of the Gang of Eight bill.

Even Ted Cruz has a way for people who are here illegally to end up staying here, like a path to legalization that’s not citizenship.”

A bit of inconsistency here; Cruz would argue that he never favored a path to legalization other than as a part of a “poison-pill amendment” to Rubio’s Gang of 8 bill that was intended to smoke out the fact Democrats were really after citizenship, and the accusation he was in favor of legalization came primarily from Rubio, who Mrs. Maloney says she doesn’t trust.

Be that as it may, her comments on John Kasich and his pledge to institute “comprehensive immigration reform” within his first 100 days as president resonate loudly…

“Let him come visit me and let me take him to my son’s grave. My son was a college graduate. He graduated college just three months before he was killed. He worked going through college, worked part time to help pay for his tuition, he graduated debt-free because he helped pay for his tuition.

And he had just got his first real job and he was killed. He was killed by somebody who had a criminal record and who had drunk a case of beer earlier in the day.

So, let [Kasich] come meet with us family members, and let him come visit the graves of our children and then let me see what he thinks about it. Because I don’t know how anybody with any kind of heart or compassion could make that decision.”

But then there is Trump, who has earned Mrs. Maloney’s support. Why?

“Donald Trump has gone around the country and has met with groups of family members that have lost somebody to an illegal alien and he never publicized it. He met with us…in a private meeting, and he kept it private. He kept it private.

The only way the media may have heard anything about it is if one of us happened to have mentioned it. He gained so much of my respect for that because other politicians that have spoke with me over the last four years—it’s a photo-op or a press-op, it’s always an opportunity for them to be in the limelight: [a chance for them to say] ‘see what I’m doing.’

And then you don’t hear from them again. And Donald Trump did not do that. And it’s not just those of us who lost a family member—he’s doing it with veterans and other people around the country too.”

It’s people like this, who have suffered greatly from the wide open borders favored by Washington – either in extreme cases like this one or even just as a function of depressed wages or social factors in communities freshly loaded with uninvited newcomers – who have flocked to Trump. They’ve had it with being told they’re bigots for not jumping aboard the globalist train and they believe they’re defending their own interests, and Trump unapologetically validates that opinion.

The question is, is he sincere? Hopefully he is.

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