Texas, Arizona Governors Not Happy With Obama’s Border Plan

Once again, Los Federales are nickle and diming the security of our nation. Bush was disappointing, and Obama has continued this alarming trend

The Texas and Arizona governors criticized the Obama administration’s border security plans Monday, saying not enough National Guard troops are being deployed to their states.

“What we heard wasn’t anything what we hoped to hear,” Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer told reporters after a 90-minute briefing by federal officials sent by President Obama.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican like Brewer, said the deployment to his state was “insufficient to meet the needs of securing the Texas-Mexico border.”

A White House statement said plans to deploy 1,200 additional National Guard soldiers along the U.S.-Mexico border would “complement the unprecedented resources and additional efforts already devoted by this administration to securing the Southwest border.”

They can talk about “unprecedented” all they want, the fact is, our southern border is not being secured properly, which is why Arizona had to pass that law, and many other states are considering doing the same. Including non-border states.

Of course, the #1 idea is still to go after those who employ illegals mucho hard. No jobs, most will leave or not come. Then we can deal with the really bad ones, and look towards real lawful and legal immigration reform.

The federal team was led by John Brennan, a national security adviser whom Goddard said has the job of evaluating “the whole picture.”

“He never said this is all,” Goddard said. “He said this is what we’re going to do right now.”

So, they are doing it piecemeal. Funny how they want to wrap up a comprehensive immigration reform law, but, when it actually comes to securing the border, they’ll get around to it.

Anyhow, read the whole article.

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