The Obama Admin Allowed Al-Qaeda Terrorists To Enter The United States Disguised As Iraqi Refugees

Yeah, let’s legalize more than ten million illegal aliens. What could possibly go wrong?

Syrian Al-Qaeda

Earlier this week, we reported about two terrorists who had gained entry into the country via a mistake in a refugee program. Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi came from Iraq four years ago.

More facts are surfacing about the two and their journey to America.

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Alwan and Hammadi were members of a rebel Al-Qaeda force in Iraq fighting against American forces. During the years, the men had reportedly placed several bombs in attempt to kill the “infidels,” and bragged about, “eating the Americans for lunch and dinner.”

In 2007, the men were detained and labeled as fighting with Al-Qaeda, but were released sometime after — why? The reason is unclear.

The men had learned about a refugee program allowing Iraq refugees into America to escape the war. The men took full advantage of the program applying, and having to only answer a few questions stating they were not terrorists and give their fingerprints, the men were allowed access.

The strange part about this mistake is that the men’s fingerprints were on record from crossing a border into Syria. That being said, the former Deputy Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Dawn Scalici, says that all biometric checks did come back clean.

…After learning about the men, the FBI immediately placed 24 hour surveillance on house. The men had managed to not only get into the country, but into public housing paid for by citizen taxpayers.

Watching the men created the opportunity to set up a sting organization in attempt to sell the men weapons. The cache of weapons consisted of machine guns, C4 and rockets, all of which the men claimed they were sending to Al-Qaeda forces in Iraq.

After arrested in May 2011, the men were taken to prison where they plead guilty to providing material support to terrorists. Alwan received 40 years in prison, whereas Hammadi will remain in prison for the remainder of his life.

Given that we’re talking about Al-Qaeda terrorists who once tried to sneak into Syria, we should probably be happy that the Obama Administration didn’t just give them weapons and turn them loose. But in all seriousness, we have two men that our government had already identified as Al-Qaeda members and they were able to come to the United States. Yet, the same government that did this, the same government that’s behind the Obamacare website assures us that they’re capable of properly screening 11 million illegal aliens after they’re legalized. It simply can’t be done and as we see in this case, it can have serious consequences. We’re lucky these two jihadis diidn’t end up blowing themselves up in a daycare center.

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