The Syrian Migrant SCAM: Four out of five migrants NOT EVEN FROM SYRIA [Video]

The Syrian Migrant SCAM: Four out of five migrants NOT EVEN FROM SYRIA [Video]

It really bites when I am right on something. I predicted that Syria was just the beginning. That this is indeed the Hijrah migration into Europe. And what do you know… four out of five of these immigrants are not from Syria. They are coming from places like Pakistan and Afghanistan. You will see them coming out of virtually every Middle Eastern country and surging into Europe. Why? Well, it’s not so much to escape the Syrian conflict, although there is some of that. And it is certainly not the masses all at once deciding for economic reasons to descend on Europe. Get real. This is a concerted invasion of Muslims into lands that were once under the sway of Islam. Once they control a land, they believe it belongs to them for all time. In their viewpoint, this is simply taking back what is theirs.


From the Daily Mail:

Only one in every five migrants claiming asylum in Europe is from Syria.

The EU logged 213,000 arrivals in April, May and June but only 44,000 of them were fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Campaigners and left-wing MPs have suggested the vast majority of migrants are from the war-torn state, accusing the Government of doing too little to help them.

‘This exposes the lie peddled in some quarters that vast numbers of those reaching Europe are from Syria,’ said David Davies, Tory MP for Monmouth. ‘Most people who are escaping the war will go to camps in Lebanon or Jordan.

‘Many of those who have opted to risk their lives to come to Europe have done so for economic reasons.’

Sir Bill Cash, a fellow Tory, said: ‘These figures make extremely disturbing reading. The whole argument has been made that this influx is all real refugees from Syria whereas this adds to the substantial evidence that there are a large number of economic migrants who are aiming for a better life.’

The figures from Eurostat, the EU’s official statistical agency, show that migration from April to June was running at double the level of the same period in 2014.

The number of Afghans lodging asylum claims is up four-fold, from 6,300 to 27,000. Another 17,700 claims were made by Albanians, whose country is at peace.

A further 13,900 applicants came from Iraq which, like Syria, is being torn apart by the Islamic State terror group.

Half a million migrants have arrived in Europe so far this year, with 156,000 coming in August alone. Rather than claiming asylum in the first safe EU country they reach, most head on toward wealthy northern states. The human cost of the crisis has been paid by the estimated 3,000 migrants who have drowned after putting their lives in the hands of people smugglers for the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean.

Risks being taken by many families were highlighted by the deaths of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi and his brother Galip, five, whose bodies were washed up on the tourist beach of Bodrum in Turkey earlier this month.

More than 250,000 migrants have reached Greece and Italy, where the authorities are close to breaking point.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel fuelled the chaos last month by declaring that any Syrian who reached the country could claim asylum.

When the numbers became uncontrollable Berlin shut its borders, throwing Austria, Hungary and other EU countries into turmoil.

Croatia has received 14,000 migrants in the past two days and was last night moving some to the Hungarian border.

Hungary is laying razor wire on the border having done the same on its border with Serbia.

Croatia has closed seven of eight road crossings to Serbia and ordered its border guards to redirect migrants to Hungary and Slovenia. The Hungarian government described this as ‘totally unacceptable’.

Violence broke out yesterday between Syrian and Afghan migrants fighting to board trains across Croatia.

And Slovenian riot police last night stood in the path of 200 migrants trying to enter from Croatia. Slovenian ministers say they will accept asylum seekers but send back anyone deemed to be an illegal immigrant.

Britain, which received 7,470 asylum applications between April and June, has come under fire for failing to join an EU scheme to spread 160,000 migrants between the 28 member states.

David Cameron has announced the UK will shelter 20,000 vulnerable Syrians from camps in Lebanon and Jordan. But he rejected calls to take migrants already in Europe, saying this would encourage more to make the dangerous journey.

Yvette Cooper, who chairs Labour’s refugee taskforce, said: ‘Britain’s approach of only planning to take refugees from the camps in Syria isn’t working.

‘It ignores the crisis also happening in Europe itself and means Britain has no leverage to get other countries to sign up to help.’

But a Home Office spokesman said: ‘Claiming asylum must not be viewed as an easy means of settlement by those who are not actually refugees.

‘We need systems which keep out unfounded claims so we can all respond more quickly and effectively to those genuinely in need of refuge.

‘That is why the UK is focused on resettling genuine Syrian refugees directly from the region. This will ensure we are taking in the most vulnerable people and deter people from attempting the perilously journeys which have already led to so many tragic deaths.’

Europe has gone mad. They are committing suicide on a monumental scale here. The leaders there have made a fatal – and I do mean fatal – mistake by allowing these hordes in. They play on sympathies with dead children… children that hide warrior fathers. 75% of the men coming over the borders are young, fit Muslim men of fighting age. You see it in picture after picture. They are now rampaging through these towns… stealing, destroying, raping and vandalizing as they go. This is just the beginning. It is now being estimated that 30 to 35 million will descend on Europe. They can’t handle those numbers and are collapsing economically and culturally. Which was exactly the plan. They can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys coming over their open borders. The military is stepping in to quell some of this and some countries are now trying to close their borders. It’s too late. And if we aren’t careful, Obama will do the same to the US. These aren’t just illegal immigrants… they are an invasion force for the Caliphate.






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