They Are ILLEGAL Immigrants And Most Aren’t Immigrating

When a foreigner traverses our borders to get a job and then sneaks back over when there are no longer jobs, the foreigner is not an immigrant nor a resident. He is a visitor. And his actions are illegal.

The monkeying with the language confuses the argument, which, of course, is the point.

Americans discern between legal and illegal immigrants even as the press tries to conflate the two. Legal immigrants? Good, sense of pride. Illegal unknowns who go back to wherever they’re from–job and crime mercenaries? Don’t want.

Illegal immigrants desiring American citizenship and make their lives here are another problem altogether and one that Americans don’t want to deal with right now. It is common sense, really. Why fuss around with this issue when the bigger issue, the most pressing issue, is making sure that the border ceases being a porous, crime fest.

If the border issue were solved, Americans would turn their attention to the challenge of the illegal immigrants here.

What is interesting now, is that the left has made a concerted effort to upend this common sense. And even still, people don’t buy it.

It is very difficult to come up with solutions when one side (the leftists and the press–but I’m redundant), insists that the other is mean, hateful, disgusting, spite-filled, closed-minded racists. And yet, the left does just that.

And even with all that shame, Americans still don’t buy the arguments. They are risking being called haters and racists because they see the problems the leftists refuse to: crime, drugs and an out-of-control border interfere with freedom, economy and the pursuit of happiness–for Americans.

That leftists resort to mangling the language (aka obfuscating and misrepresenting) demonstrates their lack of ideas.

I challenge one leftist to come up with a solution to the crime and fear extant for those who live along our Southern border. One good idea is all I ask.

Yeah. It’s easier to demonize the opposition than it is to solve the problem. It’s easier to portray all people crossing the border as fuzzy-wuzzy “immigrants” than to acknowledge that maybe there even is a problem.

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