Trump’s Sensible Call for a Moratorium on Importing Muslims Sets the Establishment’s Hair on Fire

Imagine if, in May of 1940, a French political candidate had called for a moratorium on Nazis entering France. Would that have been controversial? Would people have shrieked that he was a Naziophobe? Of course not. You wouldn’t hear it repeated over and over again that even though all invading Nazis are Nazis, not all of them are combat troops; the majority aren’t coming to kill French people but merely to provide infrastructure for the invasion. You wouldn’t hear that because you can’t be sure which Nazis actually kill people, and it isn’t really possible to vet Nazis since they are a hostile invading force, it would be discriminatory not to let them pour in. That would be insane. Unfortunately, the Nazis weren’t waiting for permission.

Things are different now. These days, the hostile invading forces count on us letting them in voluntarily. When someone suggests that we stop, at least until they stop gunning us down at our office Christmas parties, the response is righteous outrage.

Trump’s common sense suggestion that we put a moratorium on Muslims pouring into the country has set the Establishment’s hair on fire. WaPo hysterically demands that all Republicans renounce his candidacy. Nobel Peace Prize–winning nuclear proliferationist Mohammed ElBaradei wants Trump thrown in jail.

Not only the usual suspects like RINO weenie Paul “That’s Not Who We Are” Ryan, but even his seeming ally Ted Cruz denounced Trump for speaking sanity in insane times.

Ironically, Philadelphia’s aptly named mayor Michael Nutter compared Trump to Hitler and called for a ban to keep him out of the city. The Philadelphia Daily News echoed his juvenile sentiment:


The White House predictably lowered the bar still further, barking that Trump is “grotesque and offensive” and then making fun of his hair. Seriously.

Here’s some more irony. Even Jimmy Carter — best remembered for enabling our worst enemies with his naïve fecklessness — banned Iranians from entering the country during the hostage crisis.

Still more irony. Putting a halt to Muslims flooding into the country is nothing compared to the reaction of liberal demigod FDR to Pearl Harbor, as Trump correctly observes. Japanese Americans were incarcerated in prison camps, something Trump never suggested for Muslims, despite Japanese ancestry being a mere accident of birth, whereas being Muslim entails a voluntary allegiance to an alien ideology that is waging war against us on our own soil.

Despite all the bluster and posturing, Trump’s proposed ban is both reasonable and legal.

The Establishment hopes it finally has an issue that will allow it to stampede the herd against Trump. But no one is stampeding Ann Coulter, who only wishes he would go further. Rupert Murdoch backs him too. Self-preservation may just win out over political correctness.

Even this comparison exaggerates Trump’s stand.

On tips from Fiberal, DJ, Dragon’s Lair, Torcer, Stormfax, Kevin R, Rob E, Manuel R, Donald L, ThisObamaNation, and Jeremy K. Graphic compliments of Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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