U.S. Ditches U.N. Migrant And Refugee Pact

U.S. Ditches U.N. Migrant And Refugee Pact

Apparently, Team Trump has had enough of the U.N.’s silly policies. It hasn’t actually cut down on bringing in refugees from 3rd world hell holes who do not speak the language, hold vastly different values, often have few modern work skills, and don’t seem to want to integrate, but, the Trump admin plans on doing it their way

(Telegraph) The administration of President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from a United Nations pact to improve the handling of migrant and refugee situations, deeming it “inconsistent” with its policies, the US mission to the global body announced Saturday.

“Today, the US Mission to the United Nations informed the UN Secretary-General that the United States is ending its participation in the Global Compact on Migration,” the Americans said in a statement.

In September 2016, the 193 members of the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a non-binding political declaration, the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, pledging to uphold the rights of refugees, help them resettle and ensure they have access to education and jobs.

“The New York Declaration contains numerous provisions that are inconsistent with US immigration and refugee policies and the Trump Administration’s immigration principles.”

As a result, President Trump determined that the United States would end its participation in the Compact process that aims to reach international consensus at the UN in 2018,” the US statement said.

Ambassador Nikki Haley went on to say that “our decisions on immigration policies must always be made by Americans and Americans alone.” Furthermore, she noted that the U.S., not the U.N., will best decide how we control our borders and who we will let in. And we will control our own sovereignty, not the U.N.

Meanwhile, here’s another example of why people do not trust the news media, as the NY Daily News, one of the biggest news sources in NYC, intentionally forgets some important information

Immigrant deported several times gets 35 years for attacks on women

An undocumented immigrant with a long history of deportation was sentenced to 35 years in prison Friday after pleading guilty to sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse and other charges related to separate attacks on two women.

Sergio Jose Martinez, who smiled throughout his sentencing hearing, told his victims’ families that he’d see them in hell as he exited the courtroom Friday.

Hey, just deported a few times, eh? How about 20? That’s noted nowhere in the article. Nor does it mention that he was convicted of felony burglary multiple times. It does mention that Multnomah County, Oregon, Sheriff Michael Reese refused to honor the ICE detainer to hold Martinez for just 48 hours, so, Martinez was released to then go on his murder spree.

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