Using Your Money to Create a Tower of Babel

The most efficient way to destroy a society is to fragment it and turn the pieces against each other. Language plays a big part in getting America out of the way so that a liberal utopia can be constructed in its place. Here is one way our rulers are using our money to encourage foreign colonists not to learn English:

The inability to speak English is now considered a determining factor to receive federal disability benefits.

Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) sent a letter obtained exclusively by the Free Beacon to Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin on Thursday, raising concerns regarding revelations that individuals who cannot speak English are fast-tracked for disability approval.

What Big Government wants more of, it uses other people’s money to reward. Consequently,

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Sessions revealed a policy for SSDI [Social Security Disability Insurance] payments that allows individuals to qualify for benefits more quickly if “they are incapable of communicating in English.”

Pretty much anything qualifies you as being disabled these days. That’s how Obama manages to keep the unemployment rate just under the stratosphere; the swelling hordes of the “disabled” aren’t counted as unemployed.

Enrollment in SSDI, which is intended to provide income for Americans who are unable to work, has ballooned in recent years. Roughly 6.7 million individuals received benefits in 2000, a number that grew to 11 million in 2012. Approximately $175 billion worth of benefit payments were disbursed in 2011.

“The population of the United States grew by 9.7 percent between 2000 and 2010, but the number of SSDI applications grew by 230 percent,” Sessions noted. …

“SSDI was specifically created for those whose loss of employment was caused by injury or some other medical condition,” Sessions said. “Today, however, widespread anecdotal accounts reveal that a number of people immediately file for SSDI after being laid off or losing their job for reasons unrelated to injury or illness.”

Did you think Social Security is a retirement plan? It is a wealth redistribution plan. Wealth redistribution is Big Government’s primary tool for social engineering. Here we see how it is used to help eradicate American culture by discouraging assimilation.

Good news for those who couldn’t help but pick up a little English by straying away from the Spanish language channels as they while away their work-free time watching TV: they don’t even have to prove they can’t speak English. They just have to say they can’t (preferably not in English).

I will now reveal the magic incantation that causes other people’s money to be showered down upon you: Yo no hablo Inglés.

On a tip from Bill T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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