[VIDEO] Pro-Illegal Amnesty Democrat Holds “Spanish-only” Meeting, You Won’t Believe What Happens!

[VIDEO] Pro-Illegal Amnesty Democrat Holds “Spanish-only” Meeting, You Won’t Believe What Happens!

Obama has sunk to a whole new low. Seriously, sending out your minions to promote your amnesty program, in the SPANISH language no less? What are you doing to America, here? This is just ridiculous. Is his district REALLY that Hispanic that we need headsets for the English speaking people? Oh, and none of those folks speak any English, I’m sure. *eyeroll* From the Federalist Papers:

Luis Gutierrez

Democrat Illinois Rep. Louis Gutierrez came to a California university recently to hold a “Spanish language only” rally. But, as Top Right News reports, things didn’t go as planned.

Pro-amnesty Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez tried to hold a “town hall” meeting for illegal aliens in “Spanish Only” — but shouted off the stage by American patriots.

The radical Democrat — who once said “I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.” – was speaking at the University of Southern California (USC) at an event that was held in Spanish – if you spoke English, you had to use headphones!

But the patriotic crowd took over the theater and started chanting U-S-A until Gutierrez was forced to leave the stage.

Gutierrez attempted to continue, but finally was forced to quit his presentation as Top Right News tells it:

Then the illegal aliens try to fight back with the Obama amnesty theme “Si Se Puede,” to no avail. When Gutierrez again takes the stage, he could not continue, and fled out the door, leaving in his limo for good.

The entire exchange was captured on the video..its pretty amazing how much outrage this little event caused. But did Gutierrez not get the memo? This is America, Brother. No one is pushing 1 for English here. Your transparent support of Obama’s illegal executive actions is absolutely shameful.


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