What The Heck Is A “Displaced Foreign Traveler?”

When it comes to illegals, Liberals are just getting truly silly. Redding.com picks up the story of one Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, recounting how he made it all the way to mountains of Trinity County, California, perhaps after spending some time at the zoo and doing all sorts of touristy things, found himself at a marijuana camp, and then…

At least, that’s the impression a reader might get from a U.S. Forest Service news release, sent out to the media Tuesday morning, about a marijuana raid earlier this month. It describes Almonte-Hernandez as a “displaced foreign traveler from Michoacán, Mexico.”

Strangely, though, this poor displaced traveler – far from welcoming his rescue by the Forest Service, Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement – instead reportedly tried to flee and hide as those agency’s officers arrived at the marijuana “garden,” which contained more than 7,000 plants.

Will this one enter the vernacular of the anti-law left? Time will tell. Of course, they keep telling us that all these illegals, er, displaced foreign travelers, are such good people. Yeah. Right.

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