When It Comes To Illegal Immigration, The South Is Raaaaacist and Intolerant

This bit of liberal idiocy comes from the Christian Science Monitor, with the story republished gleefully at MSNBC, and takes a stab at saying that Blue (Democrat) states are nice to illegals and Red (Republican) are big meanies: Red-blue divide widens on illegal immigrants

America’s red and blue states are increasingly going in exactly opposite directions on the issue of illegal immigration — a testament to how difficult finding middle ground has become on the federal level.

Earlier this month, Alabama followed Georgia and, most famously, Arizona in passing sweeping anti-illegal-immigration legislation. In many respects, Alabama’s is the most comprehensive bill of the three, forcing schools to report how much they’re spending to educate kids of illegal immigrants, for example.

That same week, however, New York State followed the lead of Illinois and opted out of the federal Secure Communities program, which is designed to identify and deport illegal immigrants in US jails who are convicted of certain felonies. They have criticized the program as casting too broad a net, deporting even “busboys and nannies.” Several days later, Massachusetts also opted out, and California could be next.

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So, by Red-Blue, the CSM is actually taking more of a position of Blue-Grey, Northern-Southern. Interestingly, it seems the Southern states are more interested in law and order, following the established “a nation of laws,” while the damndedyankee states are opting out of following the law, “a nation of men.” It somehow makes these liberal states feel good about letting illegals convicted of crimes hang out in the US. But, here we go

In the broadest terms, states with a long history of assimilating foreign-born migrants are largely defending the ideal of the United States as a “nation of immigrants,” legal or illegal. Meanwhile, states that have before been largely isolated from immigration patterns are now taking a “the law is the law” approach.

And there you go: the Blue states are nice, and the Red states are mean and raaaaacist and intolerant. Except, as all the illegal immigrant supporters fail to understand, we aren’t discussing “foreign-born migrants”: we’re talking about people who came to this country illegally. Heck, us Southerners have been dealing with migrants for well over a century, especially you carpet bagging Northerners. We are happy to have migrant workers come and help out in the fields. We have tons of workers coming from other countries to work in high tech and manufacturing, as so many companies come to the South, because our taxes tend to be lower than the North, and so many are right to work states.

We are not happy, though, to have illegal immigrants pour across our borders, which includes those that overstay their visas, and use our services, drain our money and resources, demand that we speak their language, and, in some cases, commit serious crimes, like rape, robbery, and murder, against our citizens. If the Northern states want them, they should put their money where their mouths are, and off to take them all in. Then we can listen to the caterwauling once the results come in.

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