Why Dems and Republicans Like Rubio Back Massive Muslim Immigration

From an extremely short-sighted point of view, it actually makes sense that Democrats want to continue flooding the country with Muslim colonists who wage jihad by hijrah. Via Breitbart:

According to Pew Research, only 11 percent of Muslim Americans identify as Republican or leaning-Republican, making them one of the most reliable Democrat voting blocs in the country. As Politico recently reported, the Obama Administration is working to get green card holders registered to vote. Because refugees and green card holders can freely collect welfare, this magnifies the existing cultural challenges for Republicans in getting non-Western voters to support Western political ideas.

Hostility to “Western political ideas” — i.e., individual liberty and responsibility — is the raison d’être of the Democrat Party. Ergo the voluntary importation of over a quarter of a million Islamists per year.

But what do Republicans get out of it?

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GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) — whose campaign predicts he will be in first place by February — has introduced a new foreign worker bill which would substantially increase Muslim immigration. His bill, known as the I-Squared bill, has been described as the “gold standard of high-tech reform,” by billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s immigration lobbying group.

Fakebook’s Zuckerberg represents the extreme left position regarding the displacement of Americans by Third Worlders.

The bill would essentially lift green card caps for foreign students and triple the number of foreign workers admitted on visas. This initiative will help businesses like Disney in Rubio’s home state of Florida expand its profits by keeping down the cost of labor.

That is, by driving down American wages, thereby pleasing the Chamber of Crony Capitalism, I mean the Chamber of Commerce.

As with Democrats, the policy makes sense in the short term, at least to those willing to sacrifice their country’s future to their own immediate interests.

In the long term, commerce doesn’t fare so well in Muslim countries, which are only kept above a subsistence level because more economically advanced societies buy their oil. Neither do the feminist or libertine social policies of Democrats.

In the long run, everyone loses unless massive Muslim immigration is stopped — except of course the Muslims, who have waited centuries for this opportunity to resume their advance against the West.

BTW, Rubio also wants to jack up the number of “refugees” pouring through Syria. You might as well vote for a Democrat as Rubio; the catastrophic result would be the same.

Islamic conquest, 21st century style.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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