Why Would We Expect The Children Of Illegal Immigrants To Like America?

As per usual, when liberals hear something that challenges them or makes them uncomfortable, they reflexively try to shut down the discussion:

An Arizona state senator has set off a hot debate over racism and taxpayer-funded education of illegal immigrants with her public reading of a constituent letter that said most Hispanic students “hate America.”

“Most of the Hispanic students do not want to be educated but rather be gang members and gangsters,” said State Sen. Lori Klein on the chamber floor Friday, quoting from a letter by a Phoenix-area substitute public school teacher sent to Senate President Russell Pearce. “They hate America and are determined to reclaim this area for Mexico.”

…The presentation drew an impassioned rebuke from Democratic State Sen. Steve Gallardo, who questioned the authenticity of the anonymous letter, and called the reading of it into the public record deplorable.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard any floor speech similar to the one that was given out right now,” Gallardo said. These students “do not have dreams to be gang members, they do not want to be thugs or whatever we want to phrase it as. These are good kids.”

The bill “does one thing. It puts fear in our communities and our schools. That’s all it does,” he said. Minutes later the measure passed a procedural vote.

The teacher behind the letter, Tony Hill, came forward Monday to confirm details of his experience teaching Hispanic students in an interview with the Arizona Republic.

Hill said he wrote state legislators after substitute teaching in a suburban-Phoenix public school where most of his 8th grade students were undocumented, and made offensive statements about the U.S.

“It just upset me that this was what’s occurring,” he told the Republic, “to see this disregard for America and their hatred towards it and their entitlement.”

…While immigrant advocates and civil rights groups have protested the bill itself, the most outrage was sparked by the reading of the letter.

“I’ve seen a lot of things like this, it’s not that out of the ordinary,” Anti-Defamation League regional director Bill Straus said in an interview about the letter with local ABC affiliate KNXV. “What is out of the orginary is that it gets the credibility of a state senator reading it word for word on the floor of the senate. It’s a disgrace.”

Now, is Tony Hill right? I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems plausible, doesn’t it? You have kids who are in this country illegally; so they don’t respect the laws here and many of them don’t think of this as their home. They’ve been told that this land was stolen from them and is rightfully theirs. Liberals get all queasy about hammering home the importance of patriotism; so they don’t get taught much of that. On the other hand, liberals do think it’s extremely important for kids to know every single negative thing they can think of about America.

So, if you do find a kid who’s an illegal immigrant and who loves America, it’s probably because somehow, some way, he’s managed to be patriotic DESPITE the system he’s in, not because of it. So maybe instead of getting upset that someone is pointing out the reality as he sees it in a classroom, perhaps we should ask if he’s right — because if he is right, then that’s an issue that needs to be addressed by deporting as many of these kids as possible along with their parents and also by teaching patriotism to kids in our schools.

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