You Remember The Notorious Willie Horton Ad?

You remember the notorious Willie Horton Ad?

Of course, Democrats hated it, called it racist, etc., etc., but the real problem they had with it was that it was EXTREMELY effective. But, why was it effective?

Well, the whole concept behind what Dukakis was doing was galling to people. Here we had a murderer in jail and Dukakis, because he was weak and soft on crime, wanted this murderer to have week-end passes. Well, Dukakis got his wish and Horton used his week-end out on the town to savagely assault a man and rape his fiance.

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Guess what? We have a very similar situation in 2010. It’s called Southern Border and criminals as bad as Willie Horton are waltzing right across it every day because the know-it-all elites in this country, like Barack Obama, simply refuse to secure the border. The tragic results are sadly predictable,

A man accused of raping two children in south Charlotte Sunday night has been flagged as an illegal immigrant in Mecklenburg jail.

Ricardo Velasquez was in jail late Wednesday. He was given a $170,000 bond but was also being held by immigration authorities after sheriff’s deputies identified him as an illegal immigrant under the 287(g) program.

Velasquez, 40, was charged with two counts of rape on a child under 13, two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child, and two counts of first-degree sex offense on a child. The children were ages 7 and 8, according to a police report.

…Velasquez has three previous convictions for driving while impaired dating to 1997, according to a search of N.C. court records. He has also been found guilty of interfering with an emergency communication three times.

If the federal government did its job and secured the border, Ricardo Velasquez wouldn’t have been in the United States, and those two children wouldn’t have been raped by that animal.

The people who are complaining about the anti-illegals law in Arizona and fight against securing the border are enabling the behavior that gets Americans robbed, killed, and raped every day of the week. What Dukakis did with Willie Horton, you’re doing with tens of thousands of Willie Hortons. It’s sick, it’s wrong; you should apologize to the people who’re being victimized because you don’t want this country to have a border.

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