Zetas Kidnap Innocents for Gladiator Games

Thanks to the federal government’s open border policy, multiculturalism is helping to make life in the Southwest vibrant and exciting. The latest colorful fad brought in by our friends to the south may be kidnapping busloads of innocent people to use in gladiator games for the amusement of drug lords. In Mexico, this is not the plot for a Mad Max sequel but grim reality:

Mexican drug lords are forcing kidnap victims to engage in fights to the death.

In a chilling twist to the drugs violence that has so far claimed over 40,000 lives, men are given machetes and knives and ordered at gunpoint to fight for their lives in gladiator-style contests. …

The horrific contests were revealed by a drug trafficker connected to the ultra violent Zetas cartel.

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Zetas are believed to be behind the mass graves of hundreds of mutilated victims that have been found in recent months in central Mexico.

Almost 200 bodies were found near the Mexican city of San Fernando with most having died from blunt force trauma.

Many are thought to be victims of the blood sport where cartel chiefs re-enact the gladiator contests.

The cartel member, who is not identified, said the victims were bus passengers who were hijacked while travelling across Mexico.

At least this didn’t happen to people traveling across Texas — yet. The Zetas already have footholds as far north as Dallas.

The odds of the moonbats running the Department of Homeland Security doing anything to defend us are nil.

The future is starting to look like the past.

On tips from Katya Kakhov and AC. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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