A Rappelling Firefighter Is Being Called a Hero After Drop Kicking a Woman Through a Window [Video]

Damn… as one commenter said, he kicked the desire for life right back into her. A 34 year-old Brazilian woman crawled out onto the ledge of her 10th story window, said her prayers and crossed herself, then prepared to jump and end her life. The firefighter had other ideas though and rappelling down at the very last moment drop kicked her back into her room, saving her life by force. I so admire firefighters and their courage – this was one woman who wasn’t checking out of this world on this firefighter’s shift.

From IJReview:

Drop-kicking a woman is not typically the way someone gets dubbed a hero, but this was not your everyday situation.

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A Brazilian firefighter saved a suicidal woman, who was hanging out the window of a 10-story building in Fortaleza, by scaling down a wall and then ninja kicking her back inside the building.

The woman, who’s believed to be thirty-four years old, was moments away from plummeting to her death—only to get saved by the kick of a lifetime.

What I don’t understand is bothering to pray before committing suicide as it is a mortal final sin. Hmmm. Looks like God gave His answer through the firefighter. Maybe she will try again, but for this day she still lives and can reevaluate her life and values. This will probably be the only time you will see me cheer for someone getting kicked in the face like that, but I am profoundly grateful this woman will get to reconsider her actions. I have to wonder since she was praying if she was hoping for another way out. This brave man gave her one. She owes him her life.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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