Carrie Underwood Saves the Day When She Hears That an Officers K9 is in Trouble

Carrie Underwood Saves the Day When She Hears That an Officers K9 is in Trouble

Not all celebrities are self-centered jerks. Carrie Underwood has just done something absolutely amazing for an officer and his K-9 partner, you have to see this!


Carrie yet again shows exactly the amount of class she holds by her donation to a man that had an enormous amount of vet bills.

Kevin Branscum and his German Shepard, Gino, have been a team for over 4 years. Branscum is a K-9 narcotics investigation officer for the McIntosh County Sherrif’s Departments. Gino is his partner, and the way they work together is one of the sweetest things we have ever heard about.

Unfortunately, the story comes to a rough stop when this cute German Shepard contracted heart worms from a mosquito. The terrible part was not only Gino’s symptoms but also the crazy bill that was being racked up because of the vet’s costs.

Underwood then managed to hear about this whole situation, and then committed to auctioning 2 guitars off to collectors, effectively raising enough money to pay off the amount of medical bills that had overcome Kevin and his family.

We’ve been going to vets for months, and we’ll be done with treatment in May. Treatment includes pils and injections. We stared a pill which he has tot make for 30 days and he has 120 pills to take. March 9th he starts injections. It has already cost me $4,000”

– Kevin Branscum

He also was asked about how he felt about the whole ordeal, which is when he said:

“I just want to thank her. Everything caught me totally off guard. I’m grateful”

It totally makes sense for Carrie to go through great lengths for her fans, but the connection isn’t her music. The connections this time is simply that this happened in her hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma.

What an amazing, big heart she has. She is truly an example of how other humans should help each other to make this world a better place. God bless your heart, Carrie Underwood. You’re an amazing person.

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