Cops Get Free Meals At Arby’s – Then This Happens

Cops Get Free Meals At Arby’s – Then This Happens

I love it. After a manager and a server at an Arby’s say they won’t serve a police officer, not only did Arby’s fire the manager, they suspended the server and offered all Florida police officers a free value meal. At least two officers took Arby’s up on their offer and then turned around and gave their food to a homeless man. That’s inspirational and that is why we respect and love police officers. Many of them are the best and bravest among us and they show it every day. This is just one instance of that. I’m sure the officers took Crowder up on his advice and headed over to TGIF’s after their good deed to chow down. Just sayin’.

From Louder With Crowder:

We’ve been talking about how Arby’s refused to serve a police officer because of the leftist talking point du joir, and how to make up for it they were offering all Florida cops a free value meal at Arby’s.

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If they really wanted to make amends, they’d fire the employee instead of just suspending him. Maybe if he were white and instead of refusing police officers, he refused to bake a gay wedding cake, but I digress.

We’d hoped, at the very least, that Arby’s would offer the cops a free value meal at somewhere that isn’t Arby’s because…eww, Arby’s. Do you choose the Puke Club Sandwich, or a Double Yak-Vommit Burger with Bacon? Politics aside, I’m quite sure that Arby’s gets their condiments from the depths of hell… out of the “expired” bin.

All joking aside, while some police officers are taking them up on it, others are putting their free meal to good use…

In response to the free meal offer, two officers with the Coral Springs Police Department took them up on the deal. However, they gave their meal to a homeless man instead of having it for themselves.

Are there liberals somewhere reading this story with their hands up mumbling about “privilege” and “whiteness?” Probably. But we’re guessing that they aren’t giving away their own sandwiches to the homeless. Instead, they’re likely demanding that a centralized government seize more sandwiches and dispense them fairly. Call it a hunch.

To the rest of us, THIS is who cops really are. Thanks, guys.

Seriously though, I’m sure the homeless guy appreciated the sentiment, but if his options were Arby’s or the dumpster behind a TGI Friday’s…Sure, #BlueLivesMatter, but he probably prefers the dumpster.

Our boys and girls in blue are made from good stock. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t say a little prayer that they will stay safe and sound while doing their jobs. I don’t see the #BlackLivesMatter crowd helping the homeless or sharing their food with someone less fortunate. To be fair, they are too busy calling for the death of all whites and cops to have time for such mundane things. But they do socialize… look at the cop they surrounded in Madison yelling that it was time for all cops to die. That’s the kind of group event they live for and our cops die for. But helping the less fortunate and showing Christian charity? Not so much. I thank our police officers for all they do every day – you are truly inspirational American heroes.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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