[VIDEO] Cops Knocking on the Window Is Normally Bad News- But Not For This Homeless Family Sleeping In Their Car

[VIDEO] Cops Knocking on the Window Is Normally Bad News- But Not For This Homeless Family Sleeping In Their Car

There are still good people in the world. The Wood family recently relocated to Eugene, Oregon, and didn’t have a real place to stay. To be careful with what little they did have, they chose to stay in a car. Just prior to closing hours, Officer Natt came knocking on the window of the car. Instead of cold indifference, he chose to be compassionate. IJReview reports:


Though it took a little time, Officer Natt convinced the father, Robert Wood, to accept assistance. Maybe because both men had served in the same Marine Corps unit, albeit ten years apart, helped.

Paying for the family to spend a couple nights at a local motel, the police officer assured them that the local police regularly work with the local University Fellowship Church to help people in situations exactly like theirs.

The Wood family was able to find a place to stay soon afterwards. A truly grateful Robert Wood shared the story on Facebook:

I have tears in my eyes. Having just pulled into Eugene, Oregon last night, my family has not yet found a place to stay….

Posted by Robert Wood on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

People on Facebook left a series of supportive comments, such as:

There r wonderful, caring people out there. When u r treated to a uplifting experience like this, don’t feel guilt, pay it forward when u r able! – Leslie Reed

It’s amazing how someone puts out a story of kindness and yet people find fault and place judgements. Be really nice if you could just read a story of kindness and all the posts were encouraging. That’s the fault with social media – Gina Hefner-Schluckebier

I’m a police officer and look at it like this. When I help someone out I think that this could be me one day or my kids. I feel better knowing a lil bit of my cash going to help someone out may one day help my kids out if there in a bad situation. Over the years I’ve seen that a lot of people can’t help the situation there in. – Thomas Hicks

This is a wonderful example of humanity and goodwill. I am sure that the young ones especially will always remember that a special police officer helped them out, and perhaps they will be inspired as well to be good to others. Of course, this writer couldn’t make it through the story without a few tears, but that’s what all things heartwarming should do for you. It is heartening to see examples of good humans in this day and age.

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