Couple Leaves an Incredible Note for a Man When They Realize He’s Out On a Date That’s Not with His Wife

What a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do. Growing up without a father is a tough row to hoe. The couple who left the note (neither of them had a father growing up) were really touched to see a dad take his young daughter out on a date. It was inspirational and touched their hearts. They left the dad a note that brought tears to his eyes and put everything that was important into perspective. A kind, thoughtful act can move worlds. Looks like this father has already rocked his daughter’s world. Good for him. And he gave a gift unknowingly to those strangers – the gift of hope, charity and love.

From IJReview:

The responsibility of being a parent can be daunting. Some days, all you want is for someone to let you know you’re doing it right. So when one single dad took his six-year-old daughter out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, being handed this note must have been an incredible comfort.

The note reads:

Hi there!

Sorry to spy, but my husband and I saw you out with your little date and were so impressed with what a great Dad you are.

From two adults who grew up without dads, it’s so important to have a male role model at a young age.

Keep up the good work Dad!

Dinner is on us!

When he posted the picture of the letter on Imgur, the Dad said that he, “teared up at the table,” as soon as he read the anonymous couple’s note. He didn’t have the opportunity to thank them in person, but he expressed how much their kind gesture truly touched his heart.

A note like this is a wonderful reminder of the important roles played by the good dads of the world.

It would be wonderful if we all did things like this. The dad could not believe it when two complete strangers paid for their dinner and left such a great note. Something like this truly gives you hope for the human race and families. I remember the movie Pay It Forward and what a terrific message it sent. I say we all try and notice others like this when they are doing good. A coffee here, dry cleaning there… a small amount of groceries, a toll or a dinner… the cost is small and the rewards are priceless.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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