Heartwarming Moment Foster Children Open a Christmas Gift and Learn Their Fate (VIDEO)

Heartwarming Moment Foster Children Open a Christmas Gift and Learn Their Fate (VIDEO)

For a lot of us, having a family that loves you and will be there for you forever is something that we take for granted. And for these three children, finding out they’re a member of the family “forever and ever” was the best Christmas present they could have asked for.

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This is the heart-warming moment three young children found out they could stay with their family ‘forever and ever’ as they unwrapped their adoption papers on Christmas morning.

The video shows American couple Michael and Sarah Perks giving their foster children the good news as they sit down to open the gifts piled underneath the tree.

The eldest child, a boy, breaks down in tears when he opens a box and sees the adoption papers for him and his two biological siblings.

The moving clip, filmed in 2014, shows six young children in matching pyjamas sitting on the sofa in a living room decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments.

Michael walks up to the boy sitting in the middle and hands him a gold and white present, saying ‘this is for you, and you and you,’ pointing to the boy’s biological sister and brother.

The boy lifts the lid and starts to cry as he reads the papers, which confirm that their adoption has been finalised.

Without saying a word, the boy stands up and hugs his father. Michael kisses his son’s head and holds him close as he weeps.

Two of the other children are heard saying, ‘you’re one of us now’. The father adds: ‘You officially a Perks’.

The boy then walks over to his mother, who was filming the home movie. Michael wipes tears from his eyes before he takes the camera and turns it on his wife, showing her hugging their child.

Sarah holds the boy close and says, ‘we love you buddy’ as he kisses his head.

She tells him: ‘We just got the papers two days ago. Just in time to put under the tree. Isn’t that awesome?’

The young girl who was adopted also cuddles her mother, as the other children chatter excitedly, with one saying ‘forever and ever’.

There’s nothing that’s more important than having a family, especially when it means getting out of the foster system.

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