A Hidden Camera Taped This Cashier’s Hands – Look at What It Caught… [VIDEO]

A Hidden Camera Taped This Cashier’s Hands – Look at What It Caught… [VIDEO]

Not everything we learn in high school is useful in the real world. I mean really, when is the last time you actually had to know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?

Of course, there is always that one class that, though we don’t know it at the time, will make a surprise entrance in our lives and will make us glad we took it.


From AWM:

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Sometimes it seems like what we learn in high doesn’t always turn out to be useful in the real world. Those extracurricular classes that we spent hours in can seem like a waste of time. But every now and then, we find out that those extra classes provided us with useful tools to use in the real world. That home economics class may have taught us the perfect way to boil an egg or our physical education class may have taught us the proper way to do a pushup. Every now and then we take away valuable lessons with the classes that end up being options rather than mandatory credits.

This was true for 18-year old Caleb Francis. When Francis was working the cash register at an Ohio Taco Bell, he jumped on an opportunity that would end up following him through life. When a confused looking customer made his way to the front of the line, Francis soon learned that the customer was deaf. As luck would have it, Francis had taken American Sign Language (ASL) for two years in high school and had the opportunity to put his skills to use. The language had come easy to him in high school and he caught on right away.

The customer, who had wanted a side of salsa and a side of cream, was struggling with how to order. That is when Francis jumped in and signed along with the customer, asking him what he wanted and properly ordering it for him. A customer who was in line behind the man, caught the act of kindness on video and soon the clip went viral.

Watch the video below:

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I love stories with happy endings and this absolutely had a happy ending. We need to see more of this on a daily basis. Let’s flood Facebook with good stories of people helping other people.

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