The moment this teen girl hears her father’s voice for the first time will brighten your day and inspire you [Video]

Maggie Gleason is the very definition of a fighter. When she was born, her heart stopped twice. She had weakened kidneys and lungs. She also had a cleft palate. She overcame all of that, but there was one thing she couldn’t get past. She was born without the cochlear bones in her ears and had nerve damage there as well. She was profoundly deaf. For 14 years, this elfin girl heard no sounds in her day to day life. Then with the help of doctors and a brain stem implant, she heard her father’s voice. Now her world has opened up and she hears all kinds of sounds. She is relearning how to speak as well. But she’ll always remember hearing her father’s voice first. It changed her world forever.

From Rare:

Once you know her story, you’ll understand why Maggie Gleason is smiling so warmly at the 1:45 mark of this video.

For the first 14 years of her life, Maggie was profoundly deaf because she was born without cochleas — the snail-shaped inner-ear organs that allow us to hear.

Maggie fought many other health problems throughout her childhood, but her family couldn’t find a solution to her hearing impairment. A traditional cochlear implant is the typical treatment for this issue, but it wasn’t possible due to auditory nerve damage in both ears.

The Gleason family never gave up on the possibility that one day Maggie would be able to enjoy the sounds of the world around her. Thankfully, science finally succeeded in finding a solution. Maggie became the first teen to receive a brain-stem implant that bypasses the ears altogether and sends sound information directly into the brain stem.

Maggie’s reaction to hearing her father’s voice for the first time is beautiful, but her family’s jubilant cheers are equally moving. Now that she can hear all the noises that surround us on a daily basis, Maggie says that hearing her dad’s voice is still her favorite sound.

Maggie’s family has been there with her all the way. Her mother, father and sister – you can tell they adore her. They all love her and have waited for this day for soooo long. Maggie is the first to receive this procedure and she has progressed beyond what anyone would have dreamed of. She wants to be a pastry chef when she grows up and I believe she will do it. And she’ll be the very best at what she does. Because Maggie is a fighter and fighters never give up.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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